33rd Degree Conference has joined Devoxx Family

We would like to inform you that 33rd Degree conference has joined Devoxx Family in 2015 and became Devoxx Poland. It is great recognition to everything we together achieved in last 4 years and also opens new opportunities for even better speakers and content. It will be the premium Java conference in Poland that will gather more than 1500 participants this year.

Devoxx Poland will take place in Krakow, Poland on 22-24 June 2015. Please join the biggest Java conference in Poland!!!

However, 33rd Degree is not dying. We are going to organize 33rd Degree .NETon 8-9 October 2015 in Krakow, Poland. It will be 2 days long conference dedicated for .NETcommunity.

Here is the list of conference we will be running this year.

For any quetsions please contact us via email or phone (+48 691 793 877).

If you want to access website for past 33rd Degree editions, please follow links: